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1st of May 2022

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"Human race" exhibition: an artistic dive into the heart of artificial intelligence

Passing through the country of her childhood, Caroline David exhibits part of her work at the Espace Jeanne-Fournier. With "  Human race ”, her latest painting series, she questions the place of humans in the world of digital technology and artificial intelligence.

Haut-Jura weekly

and Haut-Bugey

Caroline David, a self-taught artist who returned to her native Jura for an exhibition

Caroline David is an extraordinary artist, who learned on her own, and with a strong cultural influence that is varied throughout her life. His paintings, beyond their raw quality, do not leave you indifferent, they lead to reflection, to questions about our society and its future.

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In Les Rousses, Caroline David exhibits "Human Race" at the Espace Jeanne Fournier until March 3

For a few days, the painter from Les Rousses, living in the North, offers a fascinating exhibition that questions us about the evolution of digital ...

Le Progrès 10/18/20

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Arts magazine n°30 - June-July-August 2020

8 pages interview

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