Convent of the visitation - Roubaix

Les nonnes - Le couvent - Caroline David_edited.jpg

At the end of June 2021, barely "deconfined", I was asked to work in artist residency for ten days within Le Couvent de la visitation de Roubaix (Convent of visitation in Roubaix).
A last minute project initiated by Julie-Anne Antoine.

Lock up again? Yes ! since it is with forty other artists, mostly from Street Art, but also, ceramists, plastic artists, photographers and other contemporary artists from all sides ...

This is how I created an original work in the walls of one of the large rooms of the convent. This room had been vandalized and the recently renovated partitions had gaping holes, either overlooking the empty cellars or on the original load-bearing walls, built of red brick.

The idea came to me to make appear, in these walls, the images of the nuns, these recluse nuns who still remain the guardians of the place today.
They are forever the soul of the convent.

Installation murale - Le Couvent de Roub
Installation murale - Le Couvent de Roub

I used new techniques while declining my work:
I reused the portraits of women from my recent paintings, I transformed them into nuns by veiling their heads. I made stencils out of them that I rounded into the holes in the walls. They are like walled up, they are part of the walls.

I associated with these murals the crochet work of recycled cotton in homage to the history of the city of Roubaix and its textile industrial era.

The woman who financed the convent was precisely the patroness of a large textile company in Roubaix. I crocheted large cotton crosses and I used the same thread to reproduce the bar codes that come to represent the idea of ​​imprisonment and that I used in several of my paintings on the theme of Data science, in my Data driven series.

Installation murale - Le Couvent de Roub