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Painter, originally from Les Rousses in Haut-Jura, Caroline David now lives and works in Lille after a ten-year career abroad, in Hungary and then in China.


First a professional in marketing, she began painting in 2006 in Budapest (her city of heart) where she remained for 7 years. It was in Hungary that she became a full-time artist and exhibited her work for the first time, in a gallery and then at the French Institute of Budapest with the group of artists Quatu'Art.

From her beginnings in painting, the digital era has been an obvious source of inspiration for the artist who also takes up questions of globalization and cultural clashes.


In 2012, in China, the adaptation to the megalopolis of Shanghai, ultra artificial and extremely populated is difficult for this girl from the Jura mountains.

She is involved as a curator on an exhibition of contemporary Chinese artists, carried by an international communication agency. But she must leave the country to flee the pollution that is endangering the life of her son.

This period marks a decisive turning point that nourishes her artistic work and directs her even more to contemporary societal concerns such as urbanization, the restriction of wildlife areas, the question of a society driven by data, the transhumanism.

In France since 2014, she presents her artwork in Lille, Paris and in her native Jura where she meets Anne-Lucie Barbot. This is the start of a happy collaboration with the contemporary art gallery CHROMIA, which represents her work in France and Switzerland.


In 2021, Caroline David's pictorial work invites humans to reconnect with their natural environment (earth, air, oceans, the elements, plants, other animals) and to free themselves from artificial and virtual destroyer worlds of which they are the authors.

Towards rewilding!

Photo de l'artiste Caroline David


SEPTEMBER 2022 (17-30th of September) : LISBON (Portugal)

Group exhibition, Colorida Galeria de Arte

FEBRUARY 2022 (From the 10th till the 17th of February) : LES ROUSSES SKI RESORTS (GENEVA AREA, FRENCH SIDE)

Solo exhibition, Chromia Gallery  - City exhibition center 



GAIL Group exhibition – Chateau de Robersart

OCTOBER 2021 (The 2sd of October) : LILLE - Centre culturel du Grand Sud 

GAIL Group exhibition

JULY 2021 (From the 1st till the 11th of July) : ROUBAIX - Le Couvent de la visitation

Group exhibition on the walls

JUNE 2021 (From the 24th till the 27th of June ) : LILLE Grand Palais - ART'UP

International Contemporary Art Fair 

Exhibition of several paintings and sculpture on the Chromia Gallery's booth

FEBRUARY 2021 (From the 19th of February till the 5th of March): LES ROUSSES SKI RESORTS (GENEVA AREA, FRENCH SIDE)

Solo exhibition, Chromia Gallery  - City exhibition center Espace Jeanne Fournier 


Group exhibition - Chateau de Robersart - Cancelled because of Covid 19

DECEMBER 2020 : ROUBAIX (LILLE METROPOLE) - Nuit des Arts (cancelled because of confinement)


OCTOBER 2020 (17 / 18 / 19 October) : LILLE - group show - LA HALLE AU SUCRE (Cancelled)

OCTOBER 2020 (9 / 10 / 11 & 16 / 17 / 18 October) : QUINTIGNY - FRANCE - Jura

Invited artist by Éric Mourez, member of the association of the 3A artists

MARCH 2020 : ROUBAIX (LILLE METROPOLE) Solo exhibition replaced by the virtual show during the confinement

FEBRUARY 2020 : WAMBRECHIES (LILLE METROPOLE) Group exhibition - Chateau de Robersart


2019 : VILLENEUVE D’ASCQ (LILLE METROPOLE) Solo exhibition – O’Stam


2019 : PARIS -  Solo exhibition – Lycée Gerson


2014 : SHANGHAI - Curation of an exhibition of Chinese artists (with the creative agency FF Fred & Farid)


2011 : ROUBAIX (LILLE METROPOLE) - Solo exhibition – La fonderie


2010 : BUDAPEST  - French Institute of Budapest – D’autres mondes – Group exhibition of 4 artists


2010 : BUDAPEST - Melange Gallery – Group exhibition of 4 artists – Quatu'Art


2009 : BUDAPEST - Melange Gallery – Group exhibition of 4 artists – Quatu'Art


2008 : BUDAPEST - UFE Gala – Auction for an autist kids’ school – Solo show