This series deals with the question of a Data driven society.

I have been immersed in recent years in the world of digital startups and data processing "Data science".
This new world, in which we are already immersed, inspires me with a work borrowed from this alienating and sprawling phenomenon, in which I play with the codes of the aesthetics of contemporary computer graphics (in the sense of graphic information).

My pictorial signature for this series of paintings also feeds on the great masters of Art-deco, Art Nouveau and the specifics of Secession Art, which I discovered during my years of life in Budapest and my visits to Vienna.

I appropriate the colors of Klimt, while using much more geometric decors from the codes of contemporary computer graphics. I play to mix the decorative aspect, in the form, with the dramatic depth that the idea of ​​data science takes on, on the content.


Data driven


No name - Acrylic on canvas - 29,1' X 35,4' frame included - Number 6

Immersion Data driven Caroline David Art

Immersion - Acrylic on canvas - 35' X 45' - Number 4

Extraction data driven Caroline David Ar

Extraction - Acrylic on canvas - 35' X 45' - Number 3

Attraction Data driven Caroline David Ar

Attraction - Acrylic on canvas - 35' X 45' - Number 1

Asservissement Enslavement Data driven C

Enslavement - Acrylic on canvas - 35' X 45' - Number 2

L'oiseau de Cassandre.jpg

Cassandre's bird - Acrylic on canvas

23,6' X 31,5' - Number 9

Persona - Caroline David 2020_edited.jpg

Persona - Acrylic on canvas - 35' X 45' - Number 8

Obturation Data driven Caroline David Ar

Obturation - Acrylic on canvas - 35' X 45' - Number 5

Sans nom - Data driven - Caroline David

Obturation - Acrylic on canvas - 35' X 45' - Number 5