Orchis kiss - BD.jpeg

Orchis kiss - Acrylic on canvas - 47,2' X 47,2'

Lotus memories - Caroline David - Human

"In nature, Man is the poorest animal: only social organization allows him to survive." 
David Hume (1711-1776)

The "Human Nature" series places humans at the heart of nature.
This work is a continuation of my previous series Human race which stages the mad race of humans towards an artificialization of their body, their mind, their soul perhaps?
  Here, it is about the conquest of a future filled with nature, animality, vegetality, vitality, autonomy, freedom.

Lotus memories - Acrylic on canvas - 47,2' X 47,2'

Palma - Artiste peintre Caroline David.jpg

Palma - Acrylic on canvas - 47,2' X 47,2'

Gladiolus femina_edited.jpg

Gladiolus Femina - Acrylic on canvas - 23,6' X 31,9'

Corallium femina Caroline David 2021 - BD.jpg

Corallium femina - Acrylic on canvas - 39,4' X 47,2'